The Importance Of Selecting The Right Flowers For Your Wedding!

The flowers and arrangement for your wedding is a very important decision that the bride and groom must make. The reason for this is that the flowers compliments and extenuates your wedding to make it that much more special. Here are some tips to help you consider when deciding on the flowers and arrangements you may choose.

Shop around: Don’t just walk into one florist and like what you see. Visit at least three different florists. Each one will have their own technique and there may be one florist you like more than the others. Look around each florist shop, is it organized and well planned, or does it have a disorganized feel to it? This may be a good sign on how this particular florist runs his or her business. Also, make sure the florist you speak with is going to be the one creating the arrangements and setting up your wedding.

Ask questions:The first question should be, “how many weddings have your done personally?” If the florist you like has planned a fair amount of weddings, then they should have pictures of past wedding arrangements. Most businesses are proud of their past achievements and want to show prospective clients what great work they have done for past weddings.

Tis the season: Depending on what time of year your wedding is being held, the florist you choose to do your wedding should have the perfect suggestions of what flower arrangements hoa khai truong set around the room would look best according to the time of year your wedding is scheduled.

Simple makes a big statement: The more elaborate the centerpieces are for each table at your wedding raises the cost of your florist bill. Less labor intensive centerpieces will keep the cost down and you really don’t need every window, picture frame, railings (if there are any), walkways and door way entrances decorated with flowers, do you? These kinds of decorations are labor intensive and will really raise the bill.

Color coordination’s: Picking the perfect colors to suit your wedding style is also very important. Bright colors while are beautiful and showy, however, you don’t want your guest noticing the wedding flowers more than you. If you bring a swatch of fabric of the bridesmaid dress to your florist will give him/her a good idea of where to start.

Outside temperatures: Another important fact about choosing the right wedding flowers to the right time of year is if you’re getting married during summer months and choose winter flowers, they will wilt and die before the wedding reception is over, a florist with any experience should know this. You and your florist will want to choose good hardy flowers for a summer wedding or cool, more delicate flowers for fall and winter.

Size does matter: When it comes to weddings, bigger is not always better. You don’t want your wedding bouquets to be too big and bulky to carry. Choosing smaller, delicate wedding bouquets are much better.

The right scent: You don’t want your wedding bouquet and arrangements to smell too strong. The over powering fragrance of flowers in the room may give your guest the wrong impression, (like being at a funeral for example), and many people suffer from allergies. You wouldn’t want your guest or wedding party sneezing and feeling miserable during the wedding or wedding reception so keep really fragrant flowers like gardenias, lilacs and lilies down to a minimum.

Never assume anything: Don’t assume you florist will be allowed into the church or wedding hall automatically to set up before your wedding. Make sure you get permission and a key if needed, to ensure your florist will be allowed to come in and set up before you walk down the isle.

Smiles everyone: Make sure you get the flowers in time for the photo shoots.

Keeping flowers fresh: Ask the florist to have your flowers boxed and wrapped in cellophane and keep them well misted. They will look nice and fresh for your wedding.

Warming up: To bring your flowers to their maximum potential, soak the wedding bouquets in warm water right before their handed out. The warm water livens up the blooms and brings out their best color.

Keep it clean: this is probably common sense; however, it’s to help you remember the little things on your wedding day. If your flowers are being kept in vases of water to keep fresh, don’t forget to bring a small towel to dry off the stems before handing the bouquets to the girls and pinning them to the guys tuxedos.

Keep your wedding bouquet: When it’s time to toss the bouquet, have the florists make up a smaller one for you to toss. Your florist should have already suggested this, however, if not, tell him/her yourself. This way you can keep your special wedding bouquet.

More decorations: Most florist shops offer a wide variety of wedding decorations than just flowers. You may want to mix it up with balloons, streamers and lanterns if it’s an evening wedding ceremony. This may keep the cost down a bit, and make you wedding more festive. There are so many things to think of when it comes to your wedding. Hopefully, this list will help you with a few of your plans. Good luck and have a wonderful and happy life together.

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